We help individuals and organizations with:

  • Computer Repair and Upgrade
  • Hardware Problem Resolution
  • Custom Computer Build
  • Internet/Networking
  • Software Problem Resolution
  • Data backup and recovery
  • Professional Graphic Design
  • Website and Database Design
  • Video and Audio Editing
  • Everything else related to computers…

We have three more projects besides Computer Services:

  • Computer Learning Center CompTutor is a private consulting firm where individuals could get valuable practical skills in all above subjects.
  • Kids Computer Creativity Studio WunderKind is a place where kids could get ideas, skills and wonderful experience in incredible computer world.
  • Internet Service Provider CompuSergeNet is a private service organization providing inexpensive reliable Internet Access.






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Part 1: Who I am and what I’m doing here

My name is Sergey Levin, I’m from Minsk , Byelorussia (part of former USSR ). I am Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, Independent Computer Consultant. I am here to tell my story, to share with you my experience, to answer your questions. I’m here to help you to find your own way, to help you to become Your Own Boss even if you working for somebody else…

This is my story…

January 1996 I became unemployed – I lost my job as a milling machinist… I started study and play with computers trying to become a Computer Programmer, but I found out pretty soon – this is not for me. But Computer Services is my area.  I own and operate CompuSerge Computer Services Consulting Firm since November 1996.

Part 2:  Your questions?   My answers!

Part 3:  Free conversation, sharing ideas, information exchange.


  • Try to understand what people expect from you; remember – you work for them, not they work for you!
  • Look into yourself, recall and revise your hobbies, and remember – the best job is a well-paid hobby!
  • Study English and Computer – invest time and money; look for any opportunity to have a job.

Luck is no more and no less than the ability to use an opportunity!

Thanks a lot for your patience and attention! Call me if you need my help!

Sergey Levin

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